Dec 30

3 of 4. “Fire”.

Dec 30

2 of 4! Go listen and download for free!

Dec 30

"Feel Right", first demo of the night is up! Please, go and check it out!!

Dec 28

Ukulele cover song! Check it out, and listen to the other songs I have up too! Enjoy!!

Nov 29

Cover song of Jimmy Eat Worlds, “If You Don’t, Don’t”. Go make comments and share with your friends!!

Nov 21

Sleepless December (Demo) | MKDM

A new demo of my song, “Sleepless December.” Go download it, and put it on your iPod! It’s free too!!!

Nov 07

MW Loop #2 | MKDM

Another jam session that took place tonight. Lots of chill electric guitar with feedback to end it all! Check it out!

Nov 05

MW Loop #1 | MKDM

Just a little something I was working on last night. Turned out pretty sick!

Oct 17

Late night recording!!

Oct 17

Almost there!

A very LATE night of recording happened, even went into the early morning. Insomnia is kicking in, but I feel like it is justified. I think it is safe to say that I am 95% done with the album. I am putting it on a CD and iPod to test it out. I know for a fact that one song needs a little bit of an adjustment, but shouldn’t be that tough. The end is very much in sight people!!!